What is Nutsedge?

Have you been told that you have nutsedge growing in your yard? What is Nutsedge exactly?


Nutsedge, a perennial sedge weed, that highly resembles grass. It is very hard to control and is very problematic. It is a tad bit more yellow than normal grass and has a distinctive ā€œVā€ shape to the blade. It can be thicker than most grass and can be arranged in sets of three from the base rather than two like grass.


Nutsedge grows from tubers underground. It’s stems are called rhizomes that grow horizontal underground. It likes to grow in areas of the yard that are moist than others. The tubers like to sprout around the later part of May until the middle of July. You want to stay away from pulling the plant due to it having a tubular base, that will cause it to spread. Also, mowing your lawn too short can stimulate growth. Nutsedge needs to be sprayed to be treated.

If you have Nutsedge growing in your lawn, call us today to schedule a treatment (must have a lawn care program for us to treat). Since this requires a special treatment, it is not part of our normal lawn care program.

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