How long does it take a liquid application to dry?

Usually 2-4 hours, depending on the temperature.
How long should I wait to mow after a liquid application?
At least 24 hours.
If I still have weeds in my yard, what do I do?
Just give us a call or request a service call. If you have a Deluxe and Basic Lawn Care Program with us, we will come back and retreat at no cost. Once the service call is placed, we will be back out to retreat when the temperature and weather allows us to.
What applications need to be watered in?
The grub control application.
What is nutsedge or watergrass?
Nutsedge is a perennial weed, highly resembles grass. It is a tad bit more yellow than normal grass and has a distinctive ā€œVā€ shape to the blade. It can be thicker than most grass and can be arranged in sets of three from the base rather than two like grass. You want to stay away from pulling the plant due to it having a tubular base, that will cause it to spread. Nutsedge needs a special application done to treat it.
How should I mow my lawn?
Make sure you keep your mower blades sharp. Mowing with dull blades can damage turf and add stress to your lawn. Mow regularly and do not cut off more than 1/3rd of the grass on one cutting. Minimum mowing height should be 3.5 inches. If you are not mowing frequent enough and are leaving excessive clippings on the turf it can cause damage and disease to your lawn. Avoid compacting the soil by changing your mowing patter each time you mow. Also, try to avoid mowing your grass when it is wet. Wet grass can cut unevenly and can cause clumping. The clumped grass will clog up your mower and can cause brown spots when left in clumps on your lawn.
What is overseeding?
Overseeding is spreading grass seed throughout your lawn to fill in any thin or bare areas and to help thicken the turf grass. We suggest overseeding the in the fall. This helps the grass get an established root system before it hibernates for the winter. If you seed in the spring, the temperatures can get hot before the grass has a good chance to get a good root system. *If you seed your lawn, please let us know before you seed so we can adjust your program to accommodate the new seed.
How much should I water my new grass seed?
You should water twice daily (unless the conditions are hot or dry, then water more) to make sure the top 1 inch of soil stays moist. Keep watering until you have mowed the new grass at least twice.
What is the best time to water my lawn?
It is best to water between 6-10am or between 4-7pm. These times are desirable because they are not in the heat of the day and are not during the night (which can cause fungus or mildew).
What weeds are covered in the lawn care program?
Our lawn care program covers broad leaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, yellow wood sorrel, bindweed, creeping charlie, henbit, chickweed, and a few others.
Why do I have brown patches in my yard?
There are several reasons brown patches can appear in a yard. Some of these can be fungus, grub worms, rock just below the soil, burns and many more. If you are concerned about the brown spot, please contact us and let us take a look at the spot.
Why do I have mushrooms appearing in my yard?
Mushrooms appear when the conditions are just right. If you have enough moisture and organic material that is decomposing in the yard, you may get mushrooms. Old tree stumps, roots or pet waste can decompose and cause mushrooms. To help prevent mushrooms, you can trim tree limbs to improve sunlight in the yard and you can also aerate to increase air flow in the soil and help with drainage.
Why did I receive a bill for Application 3 and Grub?
Our application 3 and grub control application are done during the same visit to your lawn. They are the only applications in the program that are done together.