Why is pre-emergent important?

Pre-emergents are used to prevent certain weeds from germinating in your lawn. Our granular pre-emergent treatment is done with our first application. The timing of this application is important because, the application needs to be put down before the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees. Once the soil temperatures reach above 55 degrees, we will apply a pre-emergent with a post-emergent with our second application. This will hinder any new growth and stop the growth of weeds that have already started.

Pre-emergents work by creating a barrier in the soil. Once the soil temperatures start to warm up weed seeds start to germinate. The seeds will hit the barrier and will die. This stops them from being able to emerge through the soil and potentially create more weed seeds. We specifically put down pre-emergent to prevent crab grass and foxtail.

What to do if you want to seed in the Spring?

It is important to know that once a pre-emergent has been put down on your lawn, if you seed the seed will not germinate. By breaking the barrier (roughing up the soil) you can seed an area in your lawn. However, by breaking the barrier, it can cause crab grass and foxtail to be able to germinate and grow in your lawn. Another option would be to seed and then put a post-emergent down later in the spring. By doing this, it give the new seed a chance to start growing.

Post-emergents work different from the pre-emergent. After treated, the plant will absorb the product and it will attack the root system of the plant to kill the weed. This emergent needs to be put down once the soil temperatures are warmer than 55 degrees and the weeds are actively growing.

If you are interested in treating your lawn, give us a call today for a free, no obligations quote. Our lawn care program will help prevent crab grass and other weeds while fertilizing your lawn. We always recommend aeration and seeding in the fall if you have issues with crab grass and weeds. The best prevention against crab grass and weeds is a thick, healthy lawn.

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