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Late Winter Seeding Tips

Now is a great time to address those thin and bare spots in your lawn. Using a good quality seed will insure a better result.


Good seed to soil contact should allow for a better germination rate. Simply rough the ground with a leaf or metal garden rake, apply your seed, and then rake one more time.

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Lawn Care Tip: Ups and Downs of Seeding

Your lawn needs a fresh start. So which route do you go – seed or sod? Most lawn care companies offer both services, but each method for creating a new lawn has its pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when choosing the seeding method.

If you’re on a budget, seeding is definitely the way to go. Some lawn care professionals estimate seeding costs a third of what sod costs. With the reduced expense, you will have to put in a little more effort once the seeds are laid. Seeding requires continual watering until the first mowing. This task runs the risk of over or underwatering. If you overwater the seeds, puddles can form that will drown the seed and create potential run-off, which can wash the seed away or create an uneven turf.

Underwatering can increase the occurrence of weeds. Seeding also requires some type of mulch to cover the seed. The mulch or hay can have weed seeds, getting your lawn off to a bad start. However, most lawn care companies take care to use only weed-seed free mulch or hay.

Seeding requires close attention for up to a year, but once the seeds take root, you will have a thick and uniform lawn. Lawn care specialists also say the grass will be healthier and longer-lasting because it’s grown right there on your lawn instead of transported.

If you’re thinking of seeding your lawn, call us for a consultation and find out which method better suits you!

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