Our Lawn Care Program

6-Step Fertilization Program

  • Step One (Late Winter/Early Spring): We apply a balanced fertilizer which, replenishes the nutrients your grass may have lost during the winter, helps repair the grass from winter stress and helps the lawn green up quicker during the spring.
  • Step Two (Spring): A fertilizer, pre-emergent and broad-leaf weed control treatment is applied. This application helps control crabgrass, fox tail, dandelions, clover, henbit, chickweed, spurge and various other broad-leaf weeds.
  • Step Three (Early Summer): A balanced fertilizer and spot treatment for weeds is applied on the third step.
  • Grub Control (Applied with Step 3): A granular preventative for treating grub.
  • Step Four (Late Summer): Our fourth step includes applying an iron-enriched, slow-release fertilizer to your lawn.
  • Step Five (Early Fall): We apply a second round of fertilizer and broad-leaf weed control. This treatment will help the lawn recover from summer stress and dormancy.  We will also apply another round of broad-leaf weed control to prevent dandelions, clover, chickweed, spurge and various other broad-leaf weeds.
  • Step Six (Late Fall/Winter): Our last treatment of the season includes a fertilizer to feed the lawn through winter and provide for an early spring green up.


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