Lawn care tip: Watering your newly laid sod

Lawn care providers are often taken aback by the number of people who pay to have new sod installed but do not follow up with proper watering habits. Many people probably fear over-watering their sod, but experts insist that however much you’re watering your lawn, it still probably isn’t even close to enough.

Because sod needs to stay moist all through the day, lawn care providers suggest a watering regimen of three times a day in short spurts. The amount of time is vital. If you do not have a sprinkler system, saturate your lawn until you notice run off. If you are fortunate to have an in-ground irrigation system, specialists recommend a time period of 5 to 15 minutes. It is recommended to water early in the morning, mid-afternoon and early evening.

Continue this process until grass is at least 3 inches high. Once the grass has come in, it is okay to go a few days without watering, as the ground needs to dry out. The grass is also ready for mowing at this point. Once the sod has been able to latch on and thrive, resume your watering regimen about every other day or daily if the weather is particularly hot and dry. Instead of watering your lawn three times a day, once per day will suffice, but remember to water for longer periods so that the ground becomes saturated.

A successful sod installation is not solely the responsibility of the lawn care provider, but the  homeowner as well. Make sure to find out exactly how your lawn care provider wants you to water your sod as to ensure a beautiful, successful lawn.

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